Chongqing Morning Post managing to bring ID to buy phone cards

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Formal implementation of mobile real names, unregistered users will not shut down the old; disclose user information should be held accountable

Zhou Xu

mobile phone real name system may contain the nine categories of illegal mobile phones ● The first act: harassment-type Class: Class IX ● anonymous harassing phone: SP (short message service provided

(Reporter Zhou Xu) Taping of a communication integrated selling point, come to buy a phone card, a consumer was told today buy a phone card,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Gold, will the real-name registration.

Yesterday, reporters from three major telecom operators Chongqing, the company was informed at 0:00 on September 1, the mobile phone real name system began the first phase, all new users have to buy phone card, ID card holders. In the past the old phone is not real-name registration of users, then filled personal information will gradually lead .

for managing the implementation of the mobile phone real name system

reporters yesterday from Chongqing Telecom, Chongqing Mobile, Chongqing, China Unicom, we learn that mobile phone real name system will be divided into two phases.

First of all, from today, all new phone users in Chongqing city have to be real-name registration; the second stage: the real-name registration of phone users based on the introduction of relevant laws, with three years to do the complement of the old user registration.

Wang Chongqing Mobile Integrated Department introduced the public to do business hall next to the card, you need to bring their ID card. The staff will purchase phone cards up on the person's personal information and ID card copy retained pieces. At present, for the change notification process, the business has spread to the city hall. In addition to business hall, to the point of street communication consignment store to buy phone cards, also need to bring ID.

We require agents to sell a phone card, you have to get back the identity of a card purchase data backup. answer. reporter was also informed that the street kiosks, and other agency channels to sell prepaid phone cards, must be the real name registration system operator, through the use of identity information to activate.

disclose user information to recover Select

have said the city operators, mobile phone real name system's starting point is the rapid development of mobile phone users want to solve the security problem, as far as possible to eliminate fraud messages, spam messages. However, there are concerns about the user name system, the individual information will be leaked.

Chongqing Telecommunications Administration to the three operators are already issued a notice to require telecom operators to strictly protect the user information secure and to disclose user information on the organization and staff accountability, perform leak investigation system.

to prevent leakage of personal information, operators have been undertaken to strengthen the institutionalization of information security. It is reported that City Communications Authority and the operators have set up a working group phone users real-name registration , early after the start of the real-name system was amended User Agreement,Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 patent pump, and improve user information retention system and user information confidential system. City Link Authority insiders said, the work has been completed by the end of the 8.

and New users start with the real name system will be the city 14,996,000 mobile phone users retro old identity. Urban Communications Administration insiders confirmed to reporters this message, there will not be stopped by force operators to register and old users to use mobile phones without service plans to use the old 3-5 years to guide the users to make registration identity.

person in charge of Chongqing Mobile, Chongqing Mobile has thousands of scale present in the old users,Christian Louboutin Simple Calfskin Bootie, these old user name system has been gradually implemented. For example, he said, some previously purchased in the newsstand Chongqing prepaid phone card users, the card did not actually buy real-name registration, but as he handled a number of mobile business or modified packages, will need to prove that they really get ID cards is the owner. At this time, it will be real-name registration.

after news that a carrier will use the business development, calls awards, etc., to encourage users to complement the old board.

However, yesterday, Chongqing Unicom side said that the Group is not currently receiving the above notice; Chongqing Mobile side said whether calls incentives incentives,Christian Louboutin New Declic suede pump, depending on the progress of the future demand for real-name system.

In the three operators, the pressure is the latest development of the smallest Chongqing Telecom mobile users. Chongqing Telecom head says Wang,christian louboutin copper leather Short Tina 120 fringe pumps, now,Christian Louboutin New Declic python, the city there are 23 million mobile phone users and 10 million Telecom Telecom PHS users are not real-name registration, this number telecommunications users only two points a few percent of the total, due to the development of PHS has no new users, while fixed-line real names are required for processing. Therefore, the workload is relatively small.

old user To make registration information

Beijing newsstand suspended Vending

gatekeeper training to conduct real-name

notice under the Ministry of Industry, Sept. 1 is the mobile phone real name system the deadline. Beijing newsstand, starting from today to suspend sales of all kinds of mobile phone number card.

Beijing newsstand company official explained, is different from the telecommunications sector as newsstand sales counter, stall holders on the verification of qualifications has been no relevant experience. In addition,CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Bana 140 patent pump, customers are not familiar with the newsstand stall holders to provide detailed information on identity cards and also have some concerns.

It is understood that only a suspension of mobile phone number card newsstand sales, through the relevant departments on newsstand sales staff training for real-name system checks after a period of time according to the mobile phone real name system for the restoration of sales. In the meantime, relevant departments will supervise and inspect the city newsstand, and if found to still selling treated accordingly.

stand owners, according to newsstand speaking, most of the pre-paid phone cards through newsstands,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, kiosks sold, migrant workers and students is a major purchase of the crowd. After the implementation of real-name registration system, certainly large number of customers will be lost.

reporter saw a number of China Unicom's network newsstand registration form, including customer name, ID number, mailing address, telephone number, the purchaser must fill out and submit valid identification and a copy of the original permit, newsstand operators are responsible for checking the authenticity.

stall initiated complaints.

and make the old users register, in fact, is the most vast and complex a problem. not real-name registration as the large number of mobile phone users, operators can now take notice reminding the way example, the user only with valid documents to apply for business change, transfer, transfer machines, and other services.

In addition, China Telecom's customer service staff also said that the anonymous registration of broadband users, and will not rule out compensation registration may be.

According to Beijing Evening News






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