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The end of 2010, the national net increase of 36.83 million 3G users, totaled 47.05 million a month to more than 200 million 3G users is growing, the earlier the Ministry of Industry's 3G development objectives are: 2011 3G subscribers reached 150 million, that is, at present there are 100 million gap.

But even without this goal the Ministry of Industry, layout and steady speed after two years of growth, between operators, 3G users are almost explosive fight time. The question is only: 3G How far away from the blowout?

several operators have started preparing in early 2011, of which the same must be mentioned: the

version of iPhone could be the introduction of the country. And recently the news that China Mobile Group in Shandong, Sichuan, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Henan and other provinces sale iPhone4, and Mobile has been in contact with Apple. The reason why there is this over 10% of users are iPhone users the contract plans, many of whom came from the former China Mobile customers. With the While this greatly promoted the popularity of 3G business development and prosperity. As a result, the terminal shopping malls have set his sights on the field of intelligent terminals, several major operators in early 2011 that have an investment focus on investment in subsidies and the development of smart terminals,

Although many industries are concerned, will focus on marketing and competition in 3G terminals for operators,Christian Louboutin Decolette Patent Pump, have , should be completely without this worry, so vigorously Rush terminal operators, see the 3G is undoubtedly behind the intelligent terminal to attract users and stimulating role. After the terminal layout of the meritorious deeds, followed inevitably from the application-level competition, the current terminal is to find a breakthrough in battle after battle enclosure.

App Store App Store flush global, domestic operators have to catch up the current trend, whether mobile or Unicom Mobile Market store or telecommunications Tianyi fertile space, they invariably follow the example of the Apple applications The success of the store model, that is cross-platform, easy to pay, massive applications in many fields, and a high degree of openness. From here, we are very easy to see, 3G in the future, will be applied to the king's era.

president of the East into the technology right He Jiannan previously has pointed out: with the Internet is similar to the 3G-related business, the value from the underlying network will gradually sloping and the transition to business applications, will the network from the core network to run on the content and applications, and terminal external tilt. It is precisely because such a change, 3G era will not be a single killer business, it will be a group of business, combined with the demands of individual users, enterprises, the user's demands and life,Christian Louboutin Lady Peep-Toe Slingback Pump, entertainment and work needs in one or to achieve more universal platform.

as smart phones and tablet PCs became popular, the 3G network will bring greater demand for mobile data, users will have 3G experience smoother. Network bandwidth in the 3G data services to meet the needs of the basic conditions of the premise, who should find stimulate user interest data and value-added business applications, will come to dominate the competition in the 3G, this advantage would far exceed the number of users and network quality differences. Phone reading, location services, 3G ring tones, 3G video, mobile payment, mobile store, and so applications keep pouring mushroomed, you can not say which one of them will be the holy grail, but when the application is rich enough in the form of application platform together, smart terminal penetration, operators are quality of service and pricing model to meet user demand, 3G breakthrough is close thing.

Although the three domestic telecom operators have launched application store and the relative wealth of 3G applications, but increasingly rich in types of 3G terminal at the same time, business development lags behind the phenomenon has begun to show, 3G development has on the whole industry chain, higher demands. The current telecom operators have begun to explore cross-sector co-operation model, equipment manufacturers,Christian Louboutin Suede Butterfly Bootie, platform providers, service providers also have to act. Industry can no longer maintain the role of the unity of the past, cross-border cooperation is imperative to explore.

equipment manufacturers more and more explorers to the role of industries and applications in the industrial chain, known for multimedia switches and other core equipment and technology for the east edge technology, over the years in cooperation with operators and constantly test the market to explore the industry and users of the pulse, multimedia features of their products to meet the 3G era is all business needs. 3G ring tones, mobile signature, phone cards, 3G video application is currently in test water, and in addition to user applications, industrial applications have also been seen as an early key to success in the 3G development. This also coincides with the operator's strategy.

development strategy in 2011, the mobile positioning education, government, electricity, medicine, rural market, industry and other major markets and small and medium enterprises in key industries, implementation of the industry value of poverty, China Telecom will be consolidated including the enterprise information (government and regulatory enforcement), logistics information, campus information and M2M (global eye control) and other four categories of trade advantage, China Unicom has signed 38 cooperation agreements industrial applications, including banking, securities, insurance, car lights six industries have cooperation. Further focus on industrial applications, will be China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom 3G choice for future development.

momentum of industrial applications continue to rise

several major operators will invariably focus on cooperation in industry applications to the city government for law enforcement, government services, emergency communications and dispatching, enterprise-oriented mobile office, unified communications, as well as for air traffic, finance, insurance, medical services, dozens of key application categories,Christian Louboutin D??collet?? 100 jazz pumps, and vigorously promote the Internet of Things. Based on this network deployment and application development and cooperation in full swing, the current profit or not, first consider the problem does not seem to compete for large customers, to seize market opportunities is the key.

for equipment manufacturers, to provide cross-media platform for the integration of multimedia information technology is the core competence, in addition to how the new technology for the implementation of 3G application development in the exploration, try and co-operation outside the traditional roles in the deeper layer but also enhance them in a variety of video technology the most promising attempts. 3G video in the application of multimedia information exchange, has been in the National Games, Asian Games and other major sports events,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude Nude, many provinces and cities urban law enforcement monitoring system, and mobile commerce,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Nude, and so have tried a number of areas, for now, its role is huge and there is subversive meaning.

the traditional call center industry, for example, 3G video-call center has injected new elements and vitality, not only reflected in the simple voice service plus video, upgrade to the voice service, and with the interactive demonstration of the improvement and reliability, call center services will be a new perspective transformation, on the one hand provide a more intuitive and convenient self-service, more importantly, customer service and brand promotion and communication, product sales and distribution, service tracking, and other aspects of integration up to fundamentally change and improve the entire business model. Innovative ways for traditional industry to bring disruptive change. This abundance of industrial applications in just a drop in the ocean, more updated applications will gradually be co-developed and presented.

After in-depth exploration of particular concern to the east into the technology-led industries and the state government and industry, these applications will be exchange of multimedia information technology can play a major role in the field, while in the next few years will be the ongoing construction of the peak. Meanwhile, some key sectors of the call center and enterprise communications aspects of the demand will gradually increase. Equipment level, the switch has gone through years of multimedia development, in order to maintain product and technology advantages, the inevitable need in technology, industry and customer needs to explore, as well as continue to promote industrial cooperation and investment. East view, 3G application industry is driving the industry and the public entered the information age. With the intelligent terminal, integration of multiple platforms such as mobile Internet, 3G application development has been the best time to break in sight. The cooperation of the whole industrial chain to be able to flexible technologies and application models to achieve a comprehensive mining and to create the best conditions.






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