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Pictured: ICT Forum of China 2010 site, the Senior Programme Adviser Digital STQ cold Xie Jun speech.


2010 Beijing International Telecommunications Exhibition officially launched on October 11,Christain Louboutin black leather 'Roman 120' button detail booties, Sina for the current exhibition, ICT Forum of China 2010 exhibition as the main forum for communication, Sina science and technology for live coverage of the meeting.

Pictured: ICT Forum of China 2010 site, the Senior Programme Adviser Digital STQ cold Xie Jun speech.

Following Record:

cold Xie Jun: the morning time is running out,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps NEW style, and I strive to finish within 15 minutes. Dear ladies and gentlemen, girls and gentlemen, I am honored to have this opportunity to participate in the forum. Ladies and Gentlemen, just more of the height from the industry made the Imagination. We STQ more from the application point of view, how to build an effective ICT business system the subject, what with you to discuss. My topic today is

ICT itself is constant development and evolution, including the latest things now,Christian Louboutin Hassaneta 120 leather and linen sandals, the market also continues to develop and grow, first of all look at the status of ICT in business. Including e-commerce market, things have shown a dramatic market growth trend, with five issues that need our attention:

First,Christian Louboutin Yotruche 70 python-effect pumps, the application of relevant business-focused;

Second, the new paradigm of island everywhere;

Third, products and services do not reach equilibrium;

Fourth, no effective customer focus and integration;

Fifth, the lack of effective support of the industry chain;

we ignore the core of ICT, that is,Christain Louboutin black leather 'Roman 120' button detail booties, people-oriented. ICT needs to be people-oriented, we need to build human-centered systems, human-centered applications to aggregate, as well as human-centered information operations. Based on the above view, we believe that ICT in the construction of the road, should continue to build a system of two business models continue to insist that we should focus on three customer groups, for these three aspects of a specific elaboration.

an ICT system is the operating system, of course, the operating system is running out, or to build cloud-based computing, including basic operation of the platform and the operating platform for ICT. Mainly ICT business support and business incubation. By following the introduction of the ICT platform for individuals, for families, providing services.

second is the two models is that we continue to adhere to the model is service-oriented products and service products, and more provided by the platform for individuals, families, business applications, providing one-stop billing, providing intrinsically linked. The second aspect is the service products,Christian Louboutin Catenita 120 leather slingbacks, the formation of measurable, standardized, customized services can be standardized to provide customers with customized standard services, products, services and solutions to form an organic unity. Service-oriented products and services of complementary products.

Third, focus on three customer groups. We must continue to focus on these three categories, including individuals,Christian louboutin discount, families and businesses. Groups of customer behavior analysis, the classification should be focused to achieve the same time, under a system to maintain the business relationship.

or more applications that we STQ from the perspective of building understanding of the system. Based on the above understanding, Digital STQ different areas are ICT, constant practice and development.

First, we look at the first class of applications. Our class of mobile payment applications and operators we work together to create electronic payment platform. Such as mobile phone lottery, mobile phones and mobile phone insurance to buy lottery tickets, movie tickets and so on.

second application is smart furniture, on the basis of communication with information, security and other value-added services as the core, to support a variety of load terminals. In the business level, such as control of home appliances, smart meter reading, home of the intelligent monitoring and so on.

The third application is for the family as a unit, to provide families with individualized, personalized service experience.

fourth type of application is the enterprise application,Christian Louboutin Catenita 120 leather slingbacks, mobile office, to achieve the perfect office WAP to WAP, and integrated business model.

fifth application is the online customer, mainly for government and a variety of web sites to provide WAP client form for customers exchange, service management and intelligent response.

the application of the sixth class is our e-community, based on the electronic community for the management of community-oriented institutions and community owners to realize their information delivery and interaction. On this basis, we create a

the application of the seventh class of cooperative medical care is moving, and more for rural medical institutions, their information is generally less of it. If the establishment of a network system based, in fact, is more realistic, this time we should play the advantages of mobile networks, can achieve the health insurance card for the time, including medical information services, to solve the majority of primary health management organizations and medical institutions and interoperability between doctor and patient issues.

VIII ICT application is the application of smoke, including some set number of cigarettes shipped in the management and administration.

the ninth class of applications that our environmental protection, energy saving monitors, government social enterprises energy saving monitor. Form mainly through the terminal, realize that for enterprise management, as well as the detection of environmental indicators.

is our tenth class of the application of digital urban management, is concerned about the livelihood of the people, and improve government comprehensive public affairs service. Allow staff or members of the public to report such illegal buildings on the street what happens, the damage to public facilities, etc., to send this information to the dispatch center, dispatch center will distribute the related executive departments related to treatment, so improving the supervision of the city strength and efficiency of command.

XI platform application is based practice. We support business in the form of multi-support operations, including the use of e-commerce center, the main business of construction of the payment. Then there is the ability to build M2M business is the operations center of things, the business center and a building inventory.

XII application is fast cic application shortcuts to solve some of the challenges operators, the results cic some of the problems, including some enterprises confusion.

more than what we STQ in the relevant individuals, families, businesses, and technology platforms related to Application. STQ also focus on operators with together to build the terminal chain, with the relevant operators and our partners, common for individuals, families, businesses provide products and services, providing end to end solution.

Finally, I briefly outline the STQ company. STQ is focused on ICT services company, became end to end solutions provider,Christian Louboutin Fortitia 100mm sandals, and become the best operators in the long-term partner. Our products cover a China Mobile, China Telecom,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 suede pumps, China linkage,Christian Louboutin Open Lips 120 suede pumps, etc., we have more than 200 products with the three operators, and the majority of operators have co-operation.

Finally, I wish the forum a complete success,cheap Christian Louboutin Sandals! If you would like more information, go to our venues to visit! Thank you!

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