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-> Is the operator of the fierce competition, promote the intelligent real time communications industry forward.

reporter from Beijing Huan Ying Li

3G business year and a half, China's three major carriers increasingly intense competition. 2010 China International Exhibition on communication and information, three operators of the infighting escalated once again, regardless of development OTC,Louboutin outlet, the three operators, more than ever

opportunities facing the development of mobile Internet, China Mobile, China Unicom,Louboutin wholesale, China Telecom, are not taken lightly, chased each other under the telecommunications industry is in transition toward a smart time to accelerate.

application store competitive fight

start with the external I start to show a few days before in the communications,Buy christian, Die Zeit reporter learned that China Telecom in the cloud of research and application greater efforts to set up the cloud in the Guangdong Research Institute.

in communication, ICT exhibition held during the Forum on China 2010,Louboutin for sale, China Mobile Research Institute Bill Huang stressed that China Mobile in the past 3 years, developed a open source, open software to build cloud computing platform. China Unicom vice president of R & D Zhang Yunyong Institute, describes the company's development in the idea of ??cloud computing,discount christian louboutin, cloud computing agency communications network should be like that not only is a complete system, it should be an open architecture,red sole shoes, needs a more open the ecological system.

this point, the three operators in the cloud on the layout be completed.

expedition cloud computing,Christian Louboutin Sandals, are the three operators, the layout of the future. As for the current mobile Internet applications,discount louboutin, the three operators are placed in the hall under the ring.

can be said that mobile phone software application store has become an important showcase content created by the U.S. Apple's App Store app store model has been everywhere. Both operators, terminal manufacturers, system vendors and independent software vendors, mobile application store in full work up and down, mobile phone application store is also heating up the competition.

China Mobile hit under the concept of the game portal,Christian louboutin wholesale, including MM, flying letters, phone reading, 12580, mobile payment, wireless music,Buy christian, mobile TV and other value-added business applications.

income, while China Mobile also have access to benefits.

reporter from Die Zeit understanding point of view,Christian louboutin outlets, the application stores were China Mobile chairman Wang as the central link of the mobile Internet, Wang believes that the mobile Internet,Christian louboutin discount, MM will be able to download the software in the Chinese and achieve the lead. China Mobile in the exhibition area has also set up a communication.

of China Unicom, the Formally launched on October 11 released on the 15th to test commercial. Initial period of on-line experience, users can download applications and experience 3G 3G services. Experience period, Wal-free shops will be divided into two areas and charges for users to choose.

According to China Unicom Chairman Chang Xiaobing said that in the operating mode, the Wal-shops and the ratio of content developers into the industry is divided into general notoginseng, China Unicom, will officially launch the second half, ,Christian louboutin outlet, increase mobile music, mobile TV and other new business marketing efforts, launched during the year application store,christian louboutin, electronic reading and other new business, and further enrich 3G business applications,Louboutin outlets, a driving new business development of China Unicom growth.

compared to China Mobile and China Unicom, China Telecom's business applications are also very rich. Such as the current popular mobile payment, payment experience of China Telecom's wing support for mobile terminals is a .

application store operator China Telecom, said Wu Jiang, vice president,Christian Louboutin Boots, application store of its own success is not how much the number of terminals,Christian louboutin on sale, and in the richness of its application and appeal to customers, so the application the introduction of a Shangdian key to success. According to Wu Jiang,Louboutin wholesale, the current month Tianyi space application downloads up to 80 million, and will soon break through 100 million. According to Wu Jiang said that China Telecom's fee download service is still in beta stage,Christian Louboutin Pumps, is expected to officially start charging for November.

three operators of the app store though lively scene, but was throwing cold water. , Communication began to prepare to visit the exhibition. When she came to the exhibition site communications, she was still with the mobile Internet,Christian Louboutin Pumps, with micro-Bo expressed their feelings. In an interview with Die Zeit journalist,Cheap Louboutin, Wang Hong, said, application is micro-Bo and LBS (Location Services) client software, such as Sina, roadside, take bubble net and so on.

WANG reporter for Die Zeit,cheap Christian Louboutin, said that her opportunity to join the mobile Internet,Louboutin sales, or that section of Andriod smart phone,Alexander Wang Eliza, p> In fact, the smart phone is different from ordinary mobile phones,Christian Louboutin shoes, smart phones each, which itself is an application store.

feel like Wang Hong, China Telecom Applications town was vice president store operations center that the fierce competition in the application store, terminal manufacturers and operators will be the subject.

,Discount christian louboutin shoes, China Mobile TD universal bulk procurement of mobile phones, large-scale promotion of thousand Yuan of China Telecom 3G phones, China Unicom, iPhone 4 sales effort to promote a new round of terminal sales boom has already begun. But the communication during development, smart phones, sources come from? According to Die Zeit reporter stakeholders from the Department that China Mobile, China Mobile plans to start from the October launch of several TD star products to combat the iPhone 4 in the high-end market, competitive pressures,louboutin, Coupe 8910 phone is a Joining Yulong focus on building the star products.

Coupe 8910 price of nearly 6,000 yuan,Christian Louboutin Flats, so the high-end positioning, intended to challenge the iPhone 4, to ease to China Mobile with iPhone 4 to the pressure. Cool and Apple providers also need intelligent network.

Smart 3G network upgrade ease the pressure

3G networks Wang Hong said.

3G operators do to love and hate. 3G mobile communication users of traffic, but traffic and too the point, especially in 3G video downloads, ; T, for example, three quarters of 2009, 590 million 3G iPhone handsets to be used in the network,sanminglouboutin, accounts for the AT & T, 7.5% of total subscribers,CL shoes, while a survey from comScore also shows that the same 30 monthly U.S. charges, iPhone cell phone users to download games,Cheap Christian louboutin, videos and other network file other models the ratio of 2-4 times the smart phone users.

expansion, upgrading the network and continue to throw money, which is in the 3G operators flow under the pressure of the real state of mind. telecommunications exhibition,Cheap Louboutin, business executives,Christian Louboutin, according to a device disclosed in Shanghai, Beijing, Liaoning and other places of some operators, there have been local 3G network congestion. to support the vice president of China Unicom, Li Gang during development in the communications, media statements:

Good, operators can make money both to find a balance.

In addition,Louboutin outlet, intelligent network for 3G upgrade, it is the development of a number of communications equipment trade show the new solution. network efficiency, is so. Ying told reporters that won the right times weekly,Louboutin for sale, 3G network traffic awareness and management of perception is particularly important, Bo or LBS application, can cause consumer interest and practical application,Christian Louboutin boots, will be those who gathered. telecommunications exhibition, cut off the influx of microblogging applications everywhere, 3G has moved from concept into application.

For operators, the moment is the competition, promote the intelligent real time communications industry forward.

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