Ericsson will debut the International Telecommunications Exhibition 2010

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Ericsson's upcoming October 11 to 15 in Beijing China International Exhibition at the Ericsson can help operators to achieve leapfrog development, step into the age of 50 billion connections. Ericsson will work with all of China's ICT industry and visitors to visit Ericsson stand four areas share the latest products and solutions: to create smart connected hosts 50 billion pipeline, the expansion of the value chain, the evolution of communication services, and promote transformation for efficient operation.

Ericsson and Mats H Olsson, President of Northeast Asia (Mats H Olsson) said: connected persons and things, things and things connected, communicate with each other all the time all the smart society. Today's China is well-deserved telecom power: the world's largest 3G network coverage nationwide, machine to machine (M2M) communication link over 5 million, of the contribution of ICT is also increasing global standards - China's three major carriers and the whole industry chain is to play its great wisdom and strength,Christian Louboutin Bibi 140 leather platform pumps, a step by step towards the telecommunication power forward. Ericsson, with its unmatched global industry perspective and commercial experience, a profound understanding of the historical process in maintaining a healthy growth in the scale and speed of the importance of operating in China to discuss a set of tailored value-creating strategic options. Ericsson believes communications network is a carrier greatest asset. operators should build strong GPON can provide, including LTE and intelligent network applications and related services, including intelligent pipe, and on this basis, actively expand the Blue Ocean 50 billion connections. p> Ericsson will demonstrate at the scene TD-LTE end-to-peak download speeds of up to 84Mbps of the HSPA evolution, GPON, Rich Communication Suite (RCS), Business Communications Suite (BCS) and the ST-Ericsson joint venture will feature a TD-LTE and HSPA + the latest chip and terminal solutions. Sony Ericsson will showcase its latest end-products.

First,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, create smart pipes, carrying 50 billion connections

mobile broadband users is rapidly growing. This year, the number of global users will be more than 6 million; and forecast 2015 will be more than 30 billion more. At the same time, communication networks are carrying more and more intelligent based on the new terminal, IP-based multimedia applications. Ericsson believes that mobile terminal and mobile multimedia applications in large numbers against the backdrop of the performance of mobile broadband network operators will be the key to competitive differentiation. Show in this communication, Ericsson will demonstrate how operators and industry to create intelligent piping, to make mobile broadband network connection to become 50 billion rich hosting and future-oriented business engine.

Ericsson has been committed to nurturing and development of TD-LTE eco-system, can provide include core network, radio access network, including end-end chips such as commercial solutions, and with the world's top chip terminal equipment manufacturers to work closely and actively to build future-oriented user experience. Ericsson will live demo TD-LTE in the field of the current of the latest technology, such as the terminal based on the peak chip ASIC presentation, multi-terminal connections and a variety of applications, ensuring support for future mobile broadband access.

Ericsson mobile broadband technology is the undisputed leader in multi-carrier HSPA Evolution technology can not only result in higher speed and better user experience, more importantly, is a multi-carrier HSPA Evolution technology effectively improve the efficiency of the carrier frequency, thus greatly reducing operator to provide the same bandwidth at the cost of traffic (measured in general the cost per GB). Ericsson will demonstrate at the site of peak download speeds of up to 84Mbps HSPA Evolution technology. In addition, through the introduction of multi-carrier and higher order modulation, Ericsson EDGE Evolution to achieve 1M download speed and 350Kbps uplink rate, delay of 80 milliseconds. Operators can simply upgrade the software as one of the high-end customers to improve network speed, help to retain customers, enhance viscosity.

the evolution of the field in the core network, Ericsson will showcase its advanced set of massive soft switch blade servers, rack support 800 to 2 million subscribers, mobile soft switch performance to a new height. The solution helps operators to achieve bandwidth of fair use, to ensure quality of service real-time services (QoS); intelligent billing with flow control; save transmission costs, increase network capacity, leading to the evolution of packet core (EPC) of the the first step.

end to end IP solution is the key to winning one of the smart pipe, it supports all the services and applications, including fixed, mobile and triple play. Ericsson is the depth of the global leader in fiber access technology. Ericsson's GPON / FTTx applications with complete coverage of optical access solutions, industry-leading products and flexible structural system configurations, has been widely deployed in China, take and pass the China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom's headquarters Central Purchasing test to become a major operator of optical access equipment provider.

Ericsson is leading the standardization of innovators, including 10G-PON, WDM-PON and other next-generation optical access to the field of leadership. WDM-PON optical access technology for large enterprises, mobile backhaul in the LTE RAN also has obvious advantages. WDM-PON optical fiber specified for each bandwidth, high security and long-distance transmission and other characteristics make it an effective complement to many of PON applications. The exhibition, in the VIP area by Ericsson will be proven on a commercial basis 10G PON and WDM-PON's 3D television shows, giving users exceptional business experience.

to achieve service differentiation, operators must be skilled in dealing with massive data,christian louboutin, centralized management of user information. Integration of Ericsson's user information (User Data Consolidation) solutions can help operators realize the multi-service integration, simplify the existing networks, the smooth evolution to future networks. Specifically, the solution can solve the following problem: centralized storage of user data, unified user interface, database, unified database, user ID, unified user data model. Its main characteristic is the application processing logic and user database separation - HLR in a centralized database storing user data in a variety of telecommunications services, centralized maintenance and management, reduce operational expenses (OPEX); the business and storage were configured to reduce capital expenditures ( CAPEX).

Ericsson's network traffic management solutions, providing services to real-time monitoring data, the statistical report for each service, acceptance of service, service usage and end-user behavior, to maximize operators to enhance to protect the quality of service. In the service convergence and network integration today, Ericsson will deploy hundreds of the world in real time billing,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 leather pumps, accounting, pretreatment, provisioning and billing platform roaming experience for operators to build a leading performance, easy and information with a high concentration of operations support systems. Moreover, Ericsson's convergent billing / CBIO / DDS / MBC program, but will provide customers with highly competitive value of the end to end solution in order to win the increasingly fierce market competition.

Second, expanding the value chain to ensure continuous business growth

Mobile Communications after 20 years of development, users have to exceed 50 million, of which more than 700 million 3G users, according to a global population of 7.0 billion calculation, is close to the average person a connection state. The face of the number of users and business data traffic growth, operators how to ensure that revenue growth could be maintained? Ericsson believes that the answer to the 50 billion connections. By 2020, the world will have 50 billion terminal connected to each other through the network, when the average person will have seven connected terminals. To take full advantage of this huge room for growth, enhance the ARPU value, operators need to start now, develop new value chains and seize opportunities for development under the three networks to provide more content and services, enhance the user experience.

Ericsson has deployed IPTV systems in the world of experience, follow and actively promote the development of Open IPTV Forum. The exhibition, Ericsson will demonstrate a multi-screen player for end to end converged TV solution, including the IMS IPTV based converged services and the integration of television. This is an integrated, open and standard carrier-grade digital television system, based on a complete, optimized IPTV bearer network architecture. The leading digital TV compression technology and IMS technology, and sophisticated back office systems to ensure end to end Quality of Service (QoS) and user experience (QoE). The solution is a carrier the best way to expand the value chain: its sophisticated integrated system to support rapid deployment of a whole; while providing Internet access, TV and voice services to enhance the added value of broadband and television networks and the ARPU value; to achieve network convergence and improve overall competitiveness; integration of new media business, expand operations areas.

In addition, Ericsson's me on TV (Me-On-TV) solutions for enterprises to provide real-time TV programs and video content acquisition, broadcast and interactive, and professional journalists to report breaking news and TV programs to facilitate the interactive entertainment, but also to assist public safety and emergency command and dispatch the scene.

Ericsson telecommunications exhibition in the trees on the launch of the world's first Equipped with various sensors and communications equipment, the tree Ericsson is also connected to the 50 billion Imagine the future of the best presentation.

in the service concept of enterprise and industry under the guidance of the market, Ericsson Enterprise and Industry Dakehubu with broadband products, all the media converged services, optical transport product line, IBS and other rich indoor wireless coverage products and solutions program has been in radio and television, electricity, transport, metro, wide range of civil aviation and other industries to provide customized communications solutions, and has been widely used. The communications show, Ericsson will be the product presentations and technical experts to explain to the participants to demonstrate Ericsson business, industry, government communications market leadership and experience.

integration of all business personal TV media experience

the moment, radio, film and television industry is entering a new era of three networks, radio and television system is also vigorously promoting digital cable television network, two-way transformation and development of new media business. Ericsson IMS and converged personalized interactive TV platform as the core business of the entire media convergence solutions, is tailored for advanced triple play end to end solution, the integration of all media, network and service platform for any time can be used to provide a rich full triple play service media experience. Meanwhile, Ericsson can also broadcast in the business consulting, technology planning, operation and maintenance processes and provide customer service and other leading global provider of professional services.

triple play opportunity in the next, Ericsson has been constantly with the broadcasting area of ??cooperation and communication,Christain Louboutin Big Lips bootie 120, radio and television industry to realize leap-forward development plays an active role in the promotion. January 2010, Ericsson announced jointly with Shenzhen Media Group launched the next generation of radio and television networks (NGB) technical standards under the triple play,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 suede pumps, three-screen integration solutions and application of joint cooperation in such areas. February, Ericsson Planning Institute for the Administration of Radio, new business experience center NGB digital home (Connected Home) solutions. August, Ericsson Media Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Broadcasting Network's GPON combined laboratory and GPON + EOC-related testing and certification of product performance to succeed, both sides will work together to build a new broadband access network in Shaanxi broadcasting data.

present, Ericsson Radio communications solutions industry in China Cable Television Network Co., Ltd., Hebei Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd Shijiazhuang Branch, Jiangsu Radio and Television Information Network Co., Ltd. Nanjing Branch, Hunan Cable TV Network (Group) Co., Ltd., Being Paid Group, Henan Cable TV Network Group Co., Ltd., Heilongjiang Suifenhe Cable TV, Cable Network Limited Tieling sky (original Tieling cable television), the twenty-fourth students in Harbin Winter Games,

Smart Grid Smart Life

in the smart grid communication network, Ericsson can offer, including the backbone (IP core routers, backbone optical network: ASON / DWDM), convergence (IP switches, CWDM), access (GPON,Christian Louboutin Rolando Patent Leather Platform Pumps, microwave), and other programs. Meanwhile, the actual situation for the smart grid, Ericsson's M2M and mobile phone video can be remote monitoring,Christian Louboutin Super Woman 120 python boots, troubleshooting, real-time emergency command / control, remote video aids to help.

Ericsson's power industry has been widely used in communications solutions and their respective national power grid in North China Grid Company Limited, Central China Power Grid Co., Ltd., East China Power Grid Co., Ltd. and a number of provincial, regional power companies, China Southern Power Grid Guangdong Power Grid Company and its affiliated companies in Beijing and a number of provincial power companies, regional electricity companies. Stable, reliable equipment and good service with the power to lay a solid long-term cooperation between users.

intelligent speed rail transportation city life

recent years, the Beijing Railway peak into the building, and increase rail traffic figures, intelligence, information technology building, to facilitate public travel The conditions to become an important measure. With advanced design concept Ericsson, quality equipment, professional service and rich experience in the implementation can be cost-effectively respond to changing customer needs, urban rail transit industry from the optical transmission, access, IBS indoor wireless coverage to the business multimedia communications solutions and comprehensive services.

Ericsson railway industry communications solutions have been successfully applied in Beijing Metro Line 1, Line 2, Line 10, Capital Airport, Beijing Subway Line Daxing, Changping line, the Shanghai Metro Line 6 , Line 7, 8 line, Chongqing Metro Line 1, Line 3, Shenyang Metro Line 1 and so on. The full cooperation of these projects demonstrates Ericsson's commitment to its advanced design, quality equipment, professional service and rich experience in the implementation work leading the user to build urban rail transport system.

Third, the industry trend of the development of new communications services evolve

optimize the use of existing communications services can also help operators to achieve the purpose of revenue growth, Ericsson suggested that operators should be positive evolution of the existing voice services to include the Rich Communication Suite (RCS), Business Communications Suite (BCS) and VoLTE

(Voice over LTE), etc., next-generation communications services.

the evolution of voice services and standardization of telecommunications providers or Internet provider to ensure that business income is very important. The face of competition from Internet voice services free of charge, the future of voice services is no longer just the first pure voice communication, but a real multi-media calls (ie MMTel, Multimedia Telephony, multimedia phone). Ericsson will show to the participants in the communication focuses MMTel and RCS based multimedia telephone business - a terminal, a number of foreign identification, and communications business in the switch between different terminals and continuity.

Ericsson Rich Communication Suite (RCS) in addition to voice communication, but also can provide customers include pictures, Flash, video, text (instant messaging, presence), including more interactive tools, and support multimedia communication between operators interoperability. Currently, RCS CS is still used to provide voice services.

to make a variety of multimedia functions for mobile phone users more good business experience, as the future direction of mobile network evolution LTE will be one of the best carrier. From this perspective, the future evolution of communications services target is based on the LTE of the At the event, Ericsson will also introduce the evolution and deployment strategies VoLTE.

Ericsson Business Communications Suite (BCS) as a one-stop enterprise converged communication solutions for enterprise business applications provide one-stop service. At the show, Ericsson will showcase the latest version of the Business Suite, and demonstrates how operators for companies and individuals to provide business users video conferencing and multimedia IP-based telephone service,Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes, support whiteboards and data sharing capabilities.

popular social network is a global network and business models have a significant impact. Ericsson personal business social networking solutions can help operators and social services through the integration of sustainable development to stimulate business news, creating a unique social business operators to brand and Internet and information services to third-party applications to create a good environment.

Ericsson will also demonstrate its new location services for operators to create new profit model. Ericsson MPS positioning system and family location query system, based on the GSM / WCDMA / TD-SCDMA network, you can quickly find the location of family members, and present on the map. It supports the Web interface, WAP, SMS modify the settings, SMS, MMS, e-mail alerts provide cross-border notification of family members rights and privacy management classification, especially for the elderly and children care. In addition, Ericsson will demonstrate its network IMS solutions, the program combines the business of IMS and WEB2.0 help telecommunications business innovation.

four, optimize network operations, improve asset efficiency,Christian Louboutin Attention 100 cutout mesh and leather boots, efficient operation

China's three major carriers are in transition from the strategic to the operational transition of depth. Operators need from network, business, users and markets a full range of the four dimensions of thinking, in order to maintain revenue growth and cost reduction.

in optimize network operations,Chole Suede wrap sandals, the operators need to obtain the support of strategic partners to maintain a competitive advantage in existing operations, while the status of improvements, including improved efficiency of network operations and business improve operational efficiency. Improved efficiency for network operators, Ericsson can offer improve the efficiency of business operations, through the Personnel and capabilities,Christian Louboutin Hassaneta 120 leather and linen sandals, through the to be able to locate more clearly the direction of development.

At the same time, improve asset efficiency is that each operator must pay attention to the issue. Ericsson, the world's largest equipment and service providers, we have the confidence and ability to help customers improve asset utilization, a substantial increase in operating profit. Ericsson experts approach could be taken include: , Concrete solutions to the term The New products and new technologies to shorten time to market.

professional services Telecom Ericsson is the world's most experienced telecommunications industry, the most complete management process, the most widely used service team, the highest concentration of elite technical management of a service team. Our services in 175 countries worldwide, with more than 40,000 telecommunications services and technical personnel around the world for our customers. As the industry leader in the face of rapidly changing telecommunications market, Ericsson is undoubtedly the most reliable partner of our customers. Era of transformation in the telecom, Ericsson will be the customer's strategic partner, do our best to work with clients to create a new generation of mobile networks.

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