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Large part of 3D TV standard system is part of a substantive breakthrough. Ministry of Industry and AVS standard (Digital Audio Video Coding Standard) Working Group recently announced that China's first 3D television encoding and decoding standard was finalized a few days ago,Christian Louboutin Boots, recently has been on hand over the letter to the Department,Louboutin wholesale, the National Standards Commission and other relevant state ministries for approval. Standard if the introduction of 3D TV in China will fill the gaps in standards. This is expected to accelerate the popularity of 3D TV.

appliance stores inventory in the first half,Louboutin wholesale, 3D TV is a hot topic. On the one hand,louboutin, consumer demand for 3D TV is growing. According to the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce survey of consumer electronics products,sanminglouboutin, a network of the Office of survey data: 68% of consumers have had the experience of viewing 3D images,christian louboutin, about half of people feel visual shock. Meanwhile,Alexander Wang Eliza, there have been viewing experience of the respondents,CL shoes, 1 / 3 of people have purchased or wish to experience 3D television; other hand,Cheap Louboutin, the appliance manufacturers to respond to the 3D craze of the more positive attitude.

However,Christian Louboutin Pumps, from the present situation,Christian louboutin outlets, our 3D TV market is still in its infancy,Christian Louboutin shoes, the 3D film due to the source,cheap Christian Louboutin, price and standards are not uniform and many other factors,Christian louboutin on sale, yet are not like network TV,Christian Louboutin Pumps, LED as rapid spread of television. First of all,Cheap Louboutin, lack of sources for 3D TV popularity as a constraint to the primary factor. It is understood that use 3D technology to produce little or no television programs,Cheap Christian louboutin, while 3D film production less than 1% of the film. No content play,Christian Louboutin boots, for consumers to buy home but 3D TV is a luxury

Secondly,Louboutin outlet, 3D TV high prices for the average consumer yet unbearable. According to the survey,Louboutin outlet, at present a common 47-inch LCD TV,Christian louboutin discount, a joint venture brand usually seven or eight thousand dollars,Christian Louboutin, while the same size of the 3D TV,discount louboutin, the price is 2 million,Louboutin for sale, is two to three times normal LCD TV.

Third,Buy christian, the industry standard is not unified but also limit the development of 3D TV is an important factor. It is understood that in the world only 3D display technology to at least 22 different ways,discount christian louboutin, worse,Christian louboutin wholesale, no studies have shown that a technique which is superior to other technologies. A variety of 3D TV technologies for the hybrid status of the development of 3D TV industry has brought a series of difficulties.

It is gratifying,Christian louboutin outlet, 3D TV standards and make further planning,Louboutin sales, 3D TV industry in China will burst potential to provide strong guarantee and accelerate the popularity of 3D TV,Christian Louboutin Sandals, 3D TV market of China in the next few years or usher in a new breakthrough.

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