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-> Rub Card for rub their own broadband network was originally going to buy a computer city reporter describes his ,Cheap Louboutin

Recently,Louboutin wholesale, the Ministry of Industry in the illegal access to another network,cheap Christian Louboutin, and transmit power far exceeding the national standard,Christian louboutin on sale, not only interfere with normal radio communications,louboutin, will also harm the user's personal health. Full banned the

business: just another vest it

to confirm that Mr. Zhu said that recently,Louboutin wholesale, the reporter visited the Guangzhou Milky Way computer,Louboutin outlet, the President Cyberport digital stores. Past business play the And strong sales in the original the

twists and turns,Christian louboutin outlets, the reporter in the Guangzhou-based digital accessories Gangding a sales counter,Christian Louboutin shoes, a sales staff that is now a kind of Sincerity for journalists,Louboutin outlets, sales staff carefully to find out from the pile of parts in a box behind the box,Alexander Wang Eliza, and told reporters: see a reporter on the .

the sales staff also said that if sincere,Christian Louboutin boots, can also be free to help debug,Christian Louboutin Boots, or even free home installation,discount christian louboutin, and commitment is absolutely hidden.

users: difficult regulatory worried

spend a hundred dollars costs can only rub for free online,Christian Louboutin Pumps, this cost to some consumers have a great attraction. But the industry have pointed out,Christian Louboutin Sandals,

Previously,Buy christian, the Ministry of Industry in the Therefore,Christian Louboutin Pumps, more electromagnetic radiation,Christian Louboutin, long-term use or cause harm to health.

sources,Christian louboutin outlet, according to the relevant channels,Christian Louboutin Flats, the current market,Louboutin for sale, most of the

In addition,Christian louboutin discount, more industry have pointed out,discount louboutin, rub the card for personal information security is a serious threat. Use the

warm and Tips

three measures are anti-rub net

industry have suggested that users simply set up a computer network will be able to pay more attention to . First,Louboutin sales, the user can set the router into WAP mode encryption,Louboutin outlet, hide,Buy christian, or turn off wireless network name; Secondly,Cheap Christian louboutin, the binding to set the IP address of the router and network settings of the MAC address so the router to be bound only to authorized computers. Finally,Discount christian louboutin shoes, and most importantly,red sole shoes, set a longer,Cheap Louboutin, more complex password,louboutin sale, change the router login password regularly.

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