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If one day, you have another phone inseparable financial and consumer spending - at any time payment, recharge,Christian Louboutin Yotruche 70 python-effect pumps, transfer,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude Red, etc., you will support and use it? Please pay attention -

recent media reports that Beijing is expected to this year's mobile phone payment pilot CUP. And the SIM card, as long as the size of a pay the registration process, when the phone can be used to achieve the consumer payment, recharge,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback, transfer and other financial and consumer services. For business should first log CUP payment site using a mobile phone, enter the access password, and then choose to conduct business through the menu and enter the bank card password. Previously,Christian Louboutin Mater Claude 85 python, CUP mobile payment services in Shanghai, Shandong and other provinces seven pilot.

security risks but also by the users of the question: If the phone is lost, how to ensure financial security? How does the mobile payment account theft and similar problems are gradually emerging.

payment security is the hot spot

When a reporter group in the on-line QQ The new things are on the separation of the

friends, Silver 'and bank cards, is also very easy to use, how came a pay phone? generated can be verified and avoid crime. said: ,Christian Louboutin Boots, belonged to the 'online payment' of this large area, but they rely on their equipment and support environment is different, its essence is to achieve the transfer of functions to facilitate efficient and safe.

Yangming Gang that the mobile payment for its convenient, fast, secure, payment is bound to become the preferred shopping public. But the biggest security issue of mobile payment is that the user has in the bank card and cell phone chip security is bound to pay, then the user in the use of mobile payment methods will not leak through your account information, passwords and other private information including the payment of ? When the binding of the personal bank account information is lost or stolen cell phone how to ensure safety?

Yangming Gang said, and only on the phone to install a special payment and security patch, the phone will be able to achieve the communication with the bank, provide the basic environment for the transfer. The chip also has high security protection to ensure the transaction process or user account information during the phone's security.

Western standards, increasingly sophisticated financial system in China and development, to speed up domestic proprietary cipher system of domestic banks is very important, not only related to the personal security accounts, but also involves the interests of national level . Therefore, our country needs as soon as possible and apply the encryption algorithm based on domestic banking system, a range of products and applications. encryption algorithms to ensure that mobile phone users in the account and password information will not be intercepted or stolen. Second, we should adopt a scientific authentication and identification system that allows mobile phone users to steal the user bank password or know people who can not understand the user's account status or to steal the user's account funds.

mobile phone viruses can not be ignored

In fact, the biggest concern of mobile payment is a security issue. If the virus infected cell phone how to do?

is to steal the user's some important information, including mobile payment have been installed above the personal bank account information. This requires that mobile phone users exercise due diligence to log in, or Do not visit that may threaten the safety of the site, not download to as much as possible Road unknown cell phone software. to be investigated, but the costs and the cost will be high, the loss of bank or mobile payment service provider is not Peifu, and this is his home computer virus, theft of bank account is the same reason. service providers only provide a fast, secure payment platform, from the theoretical and practical application is reliable. but the user's behavior is likely to lead some of their losses account funds, for example through mobile phones and others,Christian Louboutin Henry Tan, password to anyone or to pay other, so the user's self-awareness of security is equally important. is the critical factor. Security software developers will follow up any possible viruses, for comparison and analysis, real-time update virus database, network cloud the way to help users effectively killing the virus protection intercepted mobile payment security. p> timeout handling user authentication and other measures,Christian Louboutin Very Prive Satin Platform, that is, no matter which part of a problem, payment behavior will not be successful.

security system needs support and support (for example, while wireless chip provide paid anti-spyware software and other measures); strict management and pre-paid chip channels of cooperation to provide mobile products, the user account information to prevent possible leakage; development convenient and efficient customer service system to provide timely guidance and help.

the same time, Yangming Gang recommended the promotion of universal mobile payment services need to do prior to the preparation of the following aspects: First, the majority of mobile phone users to understand the advantages of mobile payment and security, this is the most fundamental; Second, supermarkets need to be equipped to support mobile payment-related confirmation or identification equipment; third, the banking system to pay for wireless service module or upgrading the corresponding interface; In addition, improvements in mobile phone payment and promotion and things technology, will make it the means of payment in the supermarket and have a greater change in consumer behavior.






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