Buy christian Radio control provisions come into operation on 1 November

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11 月 1st, a number of laws and regulations and regulatory documents implemented, will social development, a profound impact on people's lives.

major emergencies, the State may dispose of the implementation of radio control

order to protect the radio control and effective measures to safeguard national security and social public interests,Christian louboutin on sale, the State Council promulgated the radio control requirements. Provides clear: under the protection of national security,Christian louboutin wholesale, protect the state's major tasks,cheap Christian Louboutin, disposal, and other major emergencies,sanminglouboutin, the state can implement the radio controls.

requirements, during the implementation of radio control, radio control of the region to own,Louboutin wholesale, use or manage radio stations (stations), radio transmitting equipment,louboutin, radio waves and radiation of non-radio equipment units or individuals,Buy christian, should be subject to radio control radio control commands and instructions; relevant local governments,Louboutin wholesale, transportation,Alexander Wang Eliza, railways, radio and television,Louboutin outlet, meteorology, fisheries, telecommunications, electricity and other departments and units, the army,Christian Louboutin Sandals, armed police forces of the units,Christian Louboutin Boots, shall assist the state radio regulatory agencies and the military electromagnetic spectrum management organizations or provinces,red sole shoes, autonomous regions and municipalities of electromagnetic radio frequency spectrum management agencies and the military authorities to implement the radio controls. According to regulations, violations of radio control radio control commands and instructions by the state radio regulatory organ or the provinces,CL shoes, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the radio regulatory organ shall order rectification; refuses to correct, can be turned off,Cheap Christian louboutin, seizure or temporary suspension or removal of related equipment; serious revocation of radio (station) license and radio frequency use permit; violated security regulations,Cheap Louboutin, the public security organs according to law be punished.

weaponry and equipment, production units should be established to unsatisfactory handling system

management,Louboutin sales, improve the quality of weapons and equipment to provide legal protection. Ordinance,Cheap Louboutin, the weaponry and equipment, production units should be established nonconforming product disposal system.

regulatory requirements,Louboutin sales, weapons and equipment demonstration,christian louboutin, development, production,Christian Louboutin boots, testing and maintenance of the units should establish and improve the quality management system demonstration of its commitment to the weapons and equipment, development, production,Discount christian louboutin shoes, testing and maintenance tasks to implement an effective quality management to ensure the quality of weapons and equipment to meet the requirements. The state encourages the use of advanced science and technology and management methods to improve the quality of weapons and equipment, and to ensure and improve the quality of weapons and equipment to make outstanding contributions to the units and individuals, to give recognition and reward. Ordinance also stipulates that weapons and equipment research and production units moratorium on the production of weapons and equipment drawings and technical information should be filed in accordance with regulations and keep, are not allowed to be destroyed.

not violate the provisions of health care institutions without changing the medical care nursery items

Ministry of Health,Louboutin outlets, Ministry of Education announced the into child care institutions; medical and health institutions shall carry out a medical health examination items and shall not break the rules without change.

Regulations,discount christian louboutin, nurseries found that children suffering from suspected communicable diseases, shall promptly notify the child's guardian from the Park for treatment. Cured patients suffering from infectious diseases,Christian Louboutin Flats, with medical and health institutions can issue health certificates for admission. Children leave nurseries more than 3 months after a health check should be able to once again into the nurseries. Under the Regulations, the newly established nurseries, recruitment should be made before the local people's governments above the county level health administrative departments issued by the designated medical institutions in line Nurseries should be based on size, number of children receiving health such as the establishment of the appropriate room or health center,louboutin sale, in charge of health care. Clinics should meet basic standards of medical institutions to obtain health administrative department issued a Health center may not carry out treatment activities,Buy christian, its configuration should meet the basic requirements of the health center setting.

new fixed asset investment projects on energy efficiency standards do not meet the front will be rejected

National Development and Reform Commission published the November 1 this year, the new fixed asset investment projects on energy assessment and energy must be reviewed; energy will be used as project approval,Christian louboutin discount, approval and construction of the pre-conditions do not meet energy efficiency standards for the implementation of pre-veto the project.

under the Interim Measures,Louboutin for sale, energy assessment by third-party agencies,Louboutin for sale, according to energy-saving regulations, standards, new projects are scientific and rational use of energy were analyzed and evaluated. Energy review of the project by the relevant government departments to review energy assessment or the registration documents for the record. Interim regulations,Louboutin outlet, energy assessment year after completion of the project in accordance with energy consumption of category management,Christian Louboutin shoes, and in which energy consumption of more than 3000 tons of standard coal energy project development assessment report, 1000-3000 tons of standard coal in energy consumption and energy assessment project preparation report, and other low-power energy-saving projects in completing the registration form. All levels of government energy review project management rights in accordance with the different levels of management. Interim Measures for the fixed assets investment projects also assess and review the implementation of energy conservation, supervision and punishment provisions were made.

overseas ATM card to withdraw RMB cash in the territory of not more than 3000 yuan each

to improve the bank foreign currency cards and facilitates public understanding of foreign currency bank card related management policies, foreign exchange management Bureau recently issued Practice in recent years to inform on the territory of foreign cards in RMB cash via ATMs to adjust the quota management requirements,Christian Louboutin, that is, not more than 3000 yuan each.

notice of the original four cards of the bank in foreign currency exchange control regulations integrated into one, and clearly the management of bank card the basic principles of foreign exchange business: First, current account convertibility,Christian Louboutin Pumps, residents and non-residents bank card holders can be used for cross-border tourism, services,Christian Louboutin Pumps, and other consumer items; the second is for use outside the territory of bank card business category code should comply with management, foreign withdrawals should be limited to within the amount specified by the issuing financial institution or responsible for information transfer then the implementation of the bank card associations; third is to ensure that credit card transactions to be investigated, effective monitoring, tracking unusual transactions,discount louboutin, timely investigation and related law violations.

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