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Chan security number down the phone number this death was proven by the households.

with your mobile phone number

Datong Road, Yuzhong District, Chen Chen, who lives in (a pseudonym) experience this issue, I feel very unlucky,louboutin on sale, and even aircraft have dared to sit. Because the other methods used so vicious: Let the living become

reporters Mo Han Yi Qian Bo Hing photo coverage

down security number

number of easy to master

actually received calls list

Chen Chen said that the special phone number 13 × × × × 5888, at her home has a Number is spending her husband's sister bought many years ago, has been using the. In 2006, the number of transfer to the sister Chen Chen, Chen Chen became the owner of this number. Chen Chen,Discount Christian Louboutin shoes, there is another number for long-term use two numbers,louboutin wholesale, she felt trouble, it was decided to ending


number of easy to master

owner did not know

Chen Chen closer look, these phone records are in November 2010, from November 12 to November 30,cheap christian louboutin, numbers are all strange. Chen Chen also find it strange, who can stop the machine with the number to call it? As busy with work, she commissioned a friend to the business hall Yuzhong query. A few days later, a friend gave her answer, saying that Chen Chen, a number of the owner is not, but a man surnamed Huang.


Chen Chen was very angry, faster than the Spring Festival, bring your ID card to the operating room she asked what was going on.

Who can explain

living with a death certificate

inquiry actually told her, alive, actually said that I was dead, but also the big New Year, let my heart a long time not comfortable. will be transferred her number. Chen Chen found that, provided the other side is her old ID card, ID card she remember the time change to the police station,louboutin sales, she suspected that the ID is false.

Business Office customer service staff will also share copies of a death certificate to Chen Chen. Chen Chen showed reporters to see, says Chen Chen in the

repeated communication with the telecommunications operator, the person returned to the Chen Chen promised to numbers,Christian Louboutin Wedges, but to pursue the matter if Chen Chen,Christian Louboutin, Chen Chen to report their recommendations.

15th of this month, journalists in the business hall check the number,christian louboutin lips 120, the owner is Chen Chen,Louboutin, still apply for the Customer service said the number of machines the main special account, all business must be handled by her own,Louboutin for sale, no person shall charge d'affaires.

lawyers hijacked number of fraud

Chen Chen Chongqing, where the company's legal counsel law firm Perry confirmed Nie Lei Feng, Chen Chen in early January this year to find him, to prosecute the operators and Huang.

Nie lawyers said,Louboutin outlet, because Chen Chen signed a service contract with the operator, the operator transferred to another person without authorization numbers are in default; the Hwang fraud by death certificate number of others, are infringing. At present, although not formally charged, but reserved the right to sue.

Chen Chen said she went to the police station the police,Louboutin hot sale, but police told her that this situation can not be placed on file.

Nie Feng Lei counsel, hijacked Chen Chen number constitutes fraud, but because the amount is small, number of values are less certain, less serious, so it was not a crime.

operators we are also victims

yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed a number of the mobile communications operator responsible person.

the official said, starting in 2006, the company implemented a number energy resources management, the number of management has always been strict. To transfer in terms of numbers, under normal circumstances, new and old customers must also be present with valid credentials to the operating room for the salesperson to head with the number of registered customers when compared to the picture archive, confirm the true identity of the owner only after the original transfer. This case, the original owner was holding a number of death certificates and identity cards, apply for transfer to the operating room, the salesperson is no reason to refuse. p> character


Seller: mysterious figure

online selling mobile phone number, death certificate said that he provided has been unable to contact

buyers: Mr. Zhang

spend 2 million dollars for a number, it only took a month to be back

broker: Man Fuk all

Zhang, Department of Mr. Friend, do help to find identity transfer

head of the household: Huang Yunsheng

paper business partner, providing a temporary ID number to transfer to his head, going to the Photo sub

in the end who is cheated by such a vicious way to a mobile phone number? Man surnamed Huang transfer that number is is the culprit? Death certificate is how to open out? Smell a rat, the face of these questions, journalists quickly launched an investigation.

hospital identified: a death certificate was forged or

communications operator providing the death certificate with the words Identification of the death certificate in a car accident

order to understand the authenticity of the death certificate yesterday, reporters rushed to the Third People's Hospital of Chongqing. Hospital Medical Service staff member surnamed Zhou closer look at the certificate immediately after the decision: by the Ministry of Public Security, issued by the Ministry of Health, in addition to the hospital at the beginning not the same name, the other is basically the same format, which includes name, gender, nationality, identity card number, address of permanent residence, marital status, education level, date of birth, date of death, place of death and so on. And this so-called In fact, the real death certificate did not photograph the dead.

Subsequently, he took out a regular hospital medical certificate of death, and Chen Chen, the so-called

number of heads: call the matter involves innocent

multiple inquiries by journalists, have been cheated when the number is transferred to a person called Huang Yunsheng, who lives in Yuzhong District Culture Street, No. 1.

6 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter found the yellow house. Explained what he wanted, the Huang Yunsheng immediately shouted

Huang Yunsheng, said he is in leather shoes, and last year early in November, known for many years with his business partner Wen Fook-chuen told him to bring your ID card to the Liberation Monument, in the operating room after he went to see to Man Fuk all. Fuk Tsun Wen to help him do a thing, is to temporarily transfer a number to his head, and from time to time be transferred to another friend Mr. Zhang. Huang Yunsheng hesitated, then took a Fuk Tsun Wen death certificate to him, and said no problem, the former head of the household has died, after a while and then transferred to others, just like you does not matter.

Huang Yunsheng said, when taking into account the years of friends, so I agreed, but he provided only his own ID card and sign a name, fill in other information not his doing.

Surprisingly, on January 26 this year, Mr. Chang prepared to transfer the number to his head, the operating room staff said to die, and numbers of the former head of the household is not dead, the numbers to back.

see trouble, Fuk Tsun Wen Huang Yunsheng rushed to call, text did not answer, he had to send text messages. Yesterday, the reporter saw this message:

Later, Wen Fu Huang Yunsheng all to answer: Wen Fu-Quan, said in Chengdu, when he is busy to help a friend of Mr Cheung, the death certificates do not know which used the.

IT Forum in Chongqing saw someone selling this number, then call the seller, want to buy. Last offer two million, about to meet business hall near the Liberation Monument.

the seller is a 30-year-old man, surnamed Chen, looks normal. Zhang said, as he was no ID card, called friends Man Fuk all with ID cards to find a nearby friend to do the transfer, after transfer to him. So he hired the Huang Yunsheng.

Zhang said, is the seller of a death certificate, he did not know the truth in his operating room staff to see them handle the transfer and feel secure transactions, then the money readily to the seller.

Who knows, the numbers used only 1 month was the original owner to recover. Mr. Zhang said that when he found a problem with numbers to the seller made a phone call, the other is down.

reporters Mo Han Yi Qian Bo Hing photo coverage






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