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3G era, more intense market competition, and the different 3G technology standards also gives users unobstructed communications experience to achieve a challenge, especially in increasingly diverse data services. 3G core purpose is to enhance the development of mobile phone users in the application of all the experience,Christian Louboutin Alta Ariella Talon 130 leather bootsV, therefore, operators should pay close attention to this attempt to start

■ reporter Li Xiaoyu

microblogging be the hottest moment Internet applications, the founder of Twitter microblogging now has 175 million users, micro-outbreak of innovation to attract a huge commercial value of social networking sites,Christian Louboutin Simple Botta Leather Boot, portals, etc. have their hands on this field. It is reported that China Unicom has recently also launched limited non-operator business open microblogging - operators compete Times provides a new idea, suggesting functional 3G network business era.

Unicom Push microblogging business, contact. China Unicom side said, Now, this business has three highlights:

this is primarily a personal information management center, the user can phone the client, WEB / WAP client, SMS, e-mail access and other means, at any time share information anywhere, free communication. Mobile handsets, Outlook, Foxmail contacts a key backup to the server, on a series of management operations, since no longer need to replace the mobile phone, mobile phone contacts to worry about accidentally deleted.

Second, the business actually have the microblogging features. In the main user interface, System is the user's information to interaction.

noteworthy point is that it is not within a limited network of business, opening up the whole network-oriented design, support for inter-carrier services, to expand the coverage of user groups, to attract users to visit and sustainable use. If the friends jointly installed a

present, microblogging is the portal to Liaoyuanzhishi become standard, to bring people more freedom, more real-time interactive communication experience. It is precisely the social nature of the load and cell phone fit the real interpersonal relationship. Meanwhile, no operator China Unicom is limited to target micro-Bo telecommunications industry in particular, there is no doubt the new 3G business model innovation, the telecommunications industry has become a symbol of cooperation and competition.

3G network service pan, bring more value to the parties for the industry

network characteristics. 3G development up to now not like the 2G era of explosive growth, as presented, with the lack of time,Christian Louboutin Denis 85 cutout leather sandals (sold out), such as 2G voice and SMS, is closely related to the killer applications.

wireless broadband value-added services to many new burst of energy, in this context,Christian Louboutin Fifi 85 patent pump, the distribution of telecom services more like a traditional Internet business, various types of business are more widespread, but the penetration was low. 3G, the mobile Internet's killer application is not specific to a particular business, but a wealth of value-added services group. Because of this, 3G network services need to pan the parties to work together and for the industry, and in this process, the parties will be for users and create more value.

3G network the first Pan-business users to meet the diverse and individual needs. Each user has a killer app of their own, 3G era of pan-business networking, to provide users with more choices. Today, operators, terminal manufacturers and other stores have been offering web application that is customized to a user tries to carry initiative. Web store application-rich 3G era and custom application services to make more targeted and more personalized.

for the industry, to meet the 3G industry bigger and stronger fast. Pan-network on the one hand means more imaginative applications will be developed, rich and practical applications will really attract users, which is to promote the popularity of 3G, the key to growth. On the other hand, involves many aspects of each business, the need to mobilize content providers, third-party developers, operators, terminal manufacturers and other industry chain parties to work together and for, the application and promotion,Christian Loubotuin Leather Butterfly Bootie, on the basis of win-win industrial chain, the entire 3G industry bigger and stronger fast possible. Industry experts expect the next 3 years, associated with the 3G industry chain will pull the 1.8 trillion -2 trillion yuan of social investment.

for operators to meet all parties win. Mobile payments, for example, all relevant parties had their own way, the introduction of a wide variety of programs, there's 2.4GHz RF-SIM mode, there is 13.56MHz's SIMpass, SWP, NFC and SD cards, ornaments, etc. model, the coexistence of multiple technologies greatly hindered the movement payment market. Recently, the central bank and three mobile telecom operators to pay end to reach a consensus. In an open basis, the development of special services operators can not only provide users with more choices, but also expanded its potential customer base.

for the industry chain is concerned, it is the sharing of resources to meet the industrial chain. As mentioned above, 3G industry chain in the Application of the era of cooperation, resource sharing possession of different resources to become the realistic choice of the parties. As a channel operator control the flow of hundreds of millions of users and information, therefore,Christian Louboutin Simple 70 leather pumps NEW style, know better than any party customers; and many manufacturers and third party developers to master the technology and software that can ultimately achieve customer needs. Pan-network-based applications to some extent weaken the resources of this inherent asymmetry, operators and application developers share resources and make it easier for customers like the products, promote the healthy development of the whole industry chain.

external competition, the mainstream of telecommunications competition synthesis

3G brings not only the evolution of technology and services to the rich, more importantly, industry structure and rules of the game change. Competition in the whole business, operators should be in the competition to cooperation, in cooperation to achieve win-win situation. Competition in the telecommunications industry has never applied the principle of moderation, cooperation and competition is the mainstream.

present, the domestic carriers face of increasingly fierce competition in external markets, on the one hand the challenges from foreign competitors. It is said that British Telecom with the global economic center of gravity eastward trend in China to build more service centers and hire more staff. On the other hand, the introduction of triple play, adding the strength of radio and television, the original pattern of the telecommunications industry is gradually broken. In addition, the telecommunications industry as a basis for access is also facing many challenges. As the technology matures, more and more powerful transmission channel is slowly emerging. With

appropriate competition will undoubtedly promote the development of the whole industry,Christian Louboutin red patent calf So Private 120 slingbacks, but the face of external competition, telecom operators need to break the trade barriers 2G era, customer value and business innovation around an issue. Because, in the 3G era, staking their claims, one of the tyrants, the user is not the size of the full stay competitive, develop customized applications, improve service quality, is the key to success. China Unicom to open attitude to try innovative 3G services will undoubtedly provide us with a new idea.

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