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present, China's mobile subscribers exceeded 800 million, total bank cards issued over the 20 million cards,Louboutin wholesale, e-commerce,Christian louboutin discount, mobile Internet development and popularization of intelligent terminals, making the two major areas of communications and financial cross-phone optimistic about the business of the parties to pay. In the recently held China's mobile payment going? Experts have suggestions,Christian Louboutin Pumps, all parties should stand on national strategies and Waste Management and benefit of height, seek common ground and win-win cooperation is the development of mobile payment industry a bright way.

mobile payment standards battle has already begun several years ago, but at that time mobile payment business only a few small number of developed areas in China to promote the pilot,Alexander Wang Eliza, due to immaturity of technology standards,Louboutin wholesale, business model, uncertainty, policy incomplete specifications,Louboutin outlet, business and mobile payment not made any substantial progress. Beginning last year, with the completion of 3G networks and the rapid development of mobile Internet, the huge demand and potential market for operators and banking institutions in China kindled great enthusiasm mobile payment,Louboutin for sale, mobile payment pilot project to promote pilot projects have huge industrial interests so that all parties focus on To 13.56MHz or to 2.4GHz as standard? New Year in 2010 Mobile Payment Forum, the parties once again engaged in lively discussion.

13.56M keep pace with the 2.4G standard

13.56MHz standard is the Consortium led by mobile payment industry alliance to implement the standards. At the same time, 13.56MHz is currently the world's most widely used contactless payment frequency, the frequency of the card support up to 20 million cards issued. 2.4GHz is the long-held by China Mobile,Christian Louboutin, mobile payment frequency,Christian louboutin outlet, 2.4GHz standard is the industry standard for independent innovation in China,cheap Christian Louboutin, with certain core patents. Experts believe that these two frequencies each have their own advantages. Since laying very early, so most domestic frequency is 13.56MHz contactless credit card, and has a good market base, the technical standard has been widely used in transportation, finance, social security, fuel and other non-contact card fields. It is understood that China's second-generation ID cards and public transport in many cities, the city card is used to achieve frequency 13.56MHz contactless credit card. At the same time, this frequency is the only authorized financial institutions can be the frequency of contactless financial payment. Other microwave bands from the communication distance, communications security, etc., has not yet been recognized by financial institutions. May 18 this year, China Union Pay announced a joint 18 commercial banks,Cheap Christian louboutin, China Unicom and China Telecom two mobile operators, handset manufacturers and other industry alliance co-founded mobile payment,Christian Louboutin Boots, mobile payment, etc. This has become the field of the first mobile financial payment Mobile payment industry alliance goal is to The parties will jointly promote the alliance based on the financial account, using the relevant ISO international standard for contactless communications (13.56M) smart card mobile payment services.

while China Mobile has not joined the CUP-led coalition set up 13.56M industry has always been to develop 2.4G standard, because China Mobile has over 500 million mobile users, which is its greatest asset. But for China Mobile, the promotion has a very negative side, that is, system compatibility, this is a dilemma. Or let the user with a large-scale replacement of mobile radio systems; or let the bus, subway, supermarkets and other large-scale application side of the read head replacement. As the domestic variety of non-contact equipment, including POS machines are 13.56M, so if China wants to promote its 2.4G mobile frequencies will be very huge project, the investment will be enormous,Buy christian, RF-SIM 卡POS machine and the corresponding costs of procurement of up to several hundred million dollars, this point has also been related to the recognition of China Mobile. It is learned that China Mobile has purchased more than one million RF-SIM card, worth nearly 1 billion. June of this year,christian louboutin, China Mobile stopped in some pilot areas began in 2009 RF-SIM applications,Cheap Louboutin, it is understood, the high cost of China Mobile stopped RF-SIM is an important reason. In addition, according to the relevant pilot reaction, penetrate the cell phone radio frequency chip to achieve a stronger metal required RF (2.4G),Buy christian, due to security can not be solved (radio frequency transmission of information far more than 10cm), is also a standard test of China Mobile stopped 2.4G an important reason.

standardized mobile payment imperative

standard for the industry chain is not uniform when the parties involved have the scruples,Louboutin outlets, investments become more cautious. According to Ministry of Industry and Communications Technology Committee members introduced Hou Ziqiang, 13.56MHz the NFC technology is the most existing POS terminals and urban public transportation card, and other criteria used, but the technology on the mobile phone is required, is low in signal transmission range, must use an external antenna, external devices can be achieved with non-contact interaction,louboutin sale, to the promotion, consumers will need to replace the phone,Christian Louboutin boots, but who also need to pay to promote international copyright fees; 2.4GHz for RF-SIM technology by domestic independent research and development, the user can be realized simply replace the SIM card mobile phone payment, but need to CUP,sanminglouboutin, public transportation department with the modified POS, coordination of promotion cost is huge, if the mobile phone SIM card is lost or damaged, difficult to retrieve the user's account balance, there security risks. The mobile payment industrial chain involved in telecommunications,Christian Louboutin Flats, finance, transportation, and other stakeholders, involving mobile phone manufacturers, smart card and security chip vendors, receiving terminal manufacturers, system integrators, research institutes, etc.,Louboutin sales, to promote cooperation, unity is inevitable to pay the standard line. State Golden Card Project Coordination Leading Group Office, Ren Zhangqi in the can not be repeated to the

So, in the end is a 13.56MHz or 2.4GHz will be national unity in the mobile payment industry standards? Experts believe that, from the industrial chain for the support of all parties, 13.56MHz compatibility and integration with applications in many industries an advantage, because no need for major changes to the existing terminal, they were generally optimistic about the industry, but is expected to become unified mobile payment standards. However, 2.4GHz standard is independent research and development of domestic enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, future industry standards organization can pay less to the large number of foreign patent fees, for the promotion of our national industry has an important significance. In order to better promote the development of mobile payment industry, the State Golden Card Project Office was established last year to promote the mobile payment standard group, from the RF interface and the antenna, transmission protocols, and other aspects of the work mode switch to formulate a unified standard. China Mobile,Christian Louboutin Sandals, China Unicom, China Telecom and China Union Pay After several rounds of discussions, we have seen a gratifying situation, the parties reached a basic consensus and start a national consultation to develop mobile payment standards. China Mobile will not only adhere to 2.4GHz standard,Christian louboutin outlets, also began to experiment with 13.56MHz standard. China Mobile said it would in the mass consumption standards compliant 13.56MHz,Cheap Louboutin, and in the corporate sector will continue to implement 2.4GHz standard. China Telecom,red sole shoes, China Unicom began to gradually test 2.4GHz standard.

New Year 2010 Mobile Payment Forum,Louboutin sales, the State Golden Card Project Coordination Leading Group Office of Renzhang Qi said, the current mobile payment standards are not unified, still balanced the two standards may co-exist, not only have to choose one.

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two modes: remote payment and on-site payment

present, China's mobile payment in accordance with the characteristics of space and time payment can be divided into non-real time near-field remote payment and real-time payment. Non-real-time remote-site payment is commonly used form of payment,Louboutin outlet, this approach usually via SMS, WAP, Internet,Christian louboutin on sale, etc. initiating the transaction request,CL shoes, from the pay rate, with significant time delays,Christian Louboutin shoes, take a few seconds when fast and slow need a few minutes. Undertaken in the domestic mobile phone calls, shopping, mobile banking, etc. fall into this category of non-real-time remote-site payment. Remote payment, including bank accounts,Christian louboutin wholesale, bank accounts, payment and non-payment. Bank account and phone number that is tied to pay by bank transfer or mobile phone bill payments, third-party account payments,discount christian louboutin, prepaid card payments.

as significant time delays, non-real-time remote-site payment has been unable to meet the bus ticket, rail,Christian Louboutin Pumps, taxi fees, the city card applications. In this case,Discount christian louboutin shoes, the need for real-time on-site payment transactions, mobile phones and pay the apparatus can be achieved through non-contact communication between the completion of payment transactions, to complete a transaction that requires only a few hundred milliseconds. SIM cards site, including NFC mobile payment payment and NFC mobile phone payment of non-SIM card.

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