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▲ Zhang Ning (right), Donald Yu (second from right), Wuxiao Chen (third from right) and other defendants in the trial court Xinhua News Agency


□ AP

detective password by modifying the phone to obtain personal information, even through mobile phone users locate the position of lock, which most people can only see in the movie blockbuster of the plot has become a reality: Beijing Chaoyang District Court are tried together Private Detective

supposed to be mobile phone users is strictly confidential personal information,Louboutin wholesale, even reduced to telecommunications companies, The emergence of this case,Christian Louboutin Wedges, the disclosure of personal information of citizens once again become the focus of public attention.

immediately instructed telecommunications They use illegally obtained personal information,Christian louboutin hot sale, engaging in debt collection activities such as business and marriage survey. During this period, a victim because of phone call records and basic information was leaked and eventually killed by enemies at the door.

According to Chang brothers account for many of their personal information,Christian Louboutin Sandals, all employees from the telecom operators,Christian louboutin outlets, enabling telecommunications

28-year-old Zhang Ning of China Mobile before the incident for the Customer Service Centre, Beijing Yizhuang regional center employees, the company responsible for wiring the computer repair and maintenance work. From early 2008 to October 2008 arrest, Zhang Ning to help a man named Lin Tao modified more than 100 GSM mobile phone number of the customer password, and provides dozens of the owner of the information,christian louboutin sale, including name,Louboutin hot sale, ID number, address,for sale, telephone and so on. The latter will sell the personal information, and by the layers of hands,louboutin wholesale, and finally fall into the

According to Zhang Ning said customer through the internal system user password change does not need to know the original password,Christian louboutin wholesale, and modifications of the original password that is set aside, this operation is very simple, as long as the permissions, enter the phone number Click to change can be changed. Every time he is in the customer service hall with casually looking for a customer's computer, change the password. Zhang Ning said that the request should be Lin Tao, he will steal the password change call after all be set to 6

Zhang Ning,Louboutin sale, after change the password information is provided by Lin Tao transferred to a man named Li Lei, and then go to Zhang Rongtao hands and transfer between companies in the survey. Among them,Christian louboutin outlets, Lin Tao and Li Lei of China Mobile have been in the job.

another June 2008, a man named Lu Zhe new friends called him,wholesale, asked whether mobile phone users access to detailed call list, no problem, said Donald Yu. Each Luzhe told he needed to check the new cell phone number,cheap christian louboutin, and then Donald will work on the use of buildings,Cheap Christian louboutin, the company transferred out of the room phone CDR,Buy christian, and through e-mail sent to Luzhe new.

Downer Yu said that during his phone calls sent to Luzhe new single detail,Christian louboutin wholesale, you can see the call start time,Christian Louboutin Flats, end time,red sole shoes, call duration, calling number, called number, business type (voice or SMS), call location. The Luzhe new statement, he sold the personal information of the

third According to Netcom to provide the material shows Wuxiao Chen served as the CNC work on behalf of customers,Louboutin, mainly in charge of the visits to clients,christian louboutin, maintain, develop the customer to complete the task. According to Wu Xiaochen account, in April 2005 he met Zhangrong Hao, Zhang Ronghao later to find him,louboutin sales, let Netcom landline telephone number to help check the information. Since then,Christian louboutin on sale, Wu Xiaochen also recognized by Zhangrong Hao Zhang Rongtao his brother, and he also offers CNC Zhang Rongtao recorded telephone message.

blinded by selling personal information of illegal enrichment

the telecommunications staff knew your personal information will be used for illegal things, why take the risk reselling user information?

Downer Yu said his friend asked him to help Luzhe new mobile phone users access to call one more time,Louboutin for sale, made it clear that after each time to help give him a hard charge a fee ranging from 100 yuan to 200 yuan . Alexander Downer, the new buildings provide a total of 100 to Luzhe list of information over the phone, profit 2 million yuan. The Luzhe new information to these telephone 300 yuan to 400 yuan each sold for

coincidence. Wu Xiaochen starting from April 2007 to help Zhang Ronghao Netcom telephone information search, each time after a good check or directly via e-mail he sent Zhang Ronghao the company,Louboutin sales, according to 100 yuan per unit sold to each other. Until June 2008, Wu Xiaochen profit from Zhang Ronghao total of more than 10,Louboutin sales,000 yuan.

know Zhangrong Tao, the Wu Xiaochen side of the former China Netcom to provide personal information of users, while China Mobile to buy from Zhang Rongtao user's personal information, information on price from 800 yuan each to 1,Christian louboutin on sale,000 per month. He then increase again to 50 yuan for each message to the 100,discount christian louboutin, sold to another business Wuxiao Chen Zhang Rongtao purchased from the China Mobile call records is Tao Lin, Li provided the two men move through the sale of user information to Zhang Rongtao profit 2 million yuan respectively.

Wuxiao Chen said that he had bought from the Luzhe Unicom users a new information there, an average of 500 yuan each message,Christian Louboutin Platforms, and then sub-sold to a man named By reselling the personal information,Red sole shoes on sale, Wu Xiaochen four or five million in total profit. Early October 2008, tasted the

this way, in order to obtain ill-gotten gains,wholesale, telecommunications companies,hot sale, In this chain,Louboutin outlet, was supposed to be strictly confidential and personal information of citizens to become

■ remedy

telecom companies need to enhance internal control

some telecom employees act as regulatory loopholes.

It is understood that several major telecom operators to sign labor contracts with employees will sign the relevant agreements, prohibited employees of foreign disclosure of customer personal information. But the telecom companies apparently did not strictly enforce regulatory measures, there is no adequate attention to staff education, so as to provide criminals an opportunity.

Court of Chaoyang District, said, looking from the case, and maintenance of telecommunications business hall computer room, even can be used at any time retrieval of information on certain aspects of telecommunications regulation of internal control; Users easy to sell stolen personal information, the exposed part of the staff weak legal consciousness.

Zhang Ning, frankly, for the mobile companies have employees access customer information easily, change the password requirement, he himself is not clear, he has not attended the relevant training.

telecom operators in the setting of the confidentiality of user information is not perfect, such as a password to modify the phone call list is accessible to more easily provide the conditions for the disclosure of information.

also noteworthy that, according to Zhang Rongtao such confession of the accused to do deposits, etc. Another important way the information is online QQ group. The QQ group where members from all over the country's Judge hearing the case said the network of alliances of this kind must be given supervision.

the case also revealed inadequate supervision of Internet advertising. Trial judge said,






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