Louboutin sales Kai-fu Lee innovative workshops to invite investment in Zhejiang

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Post reporter Xu Yiping

macro-control policies in the context of frequent, the ,Louboutin wholesale, as the IT sector Kai-fu Lee Gangster can not July 3,Christian Louboutin boots, the former Google vice president and Greater China president,Alexander Wang Eliza, the current chairman and CEO of Innovation Works in the investment.

the forum by the Research Society of Zhejiang,Christian Louboutin, Zhejiang Province,Louboutin for sale, the Provincial Federation of Industry and directly under the Chamber of Commerce,Cheap Louboutin, Wenzhou City SME Development Association and the Oriental Morning Post and other co-sponsored. Informed sources,Cheap Louboutin, can not take advantage because of lost passport,Buy christian, Kai-fu Lee arrived by train overnight change in Hangzhou to attend the forum.

Innovation Works is the Kai-fu Lee resigned Google Vice President,sanminglouboutin, President,Louboutin wholesale, Greater China,Christian Louboutin Sandals, after last September launched the business plan,Louboutin sales, focusing on the Internet,Christian Louboutin Pumps, mobile Internet,Louboutin for sale, cloud computing three areas of investment,Louboutin outlets, Kai-fu Lee hope The IT technology to achieve rapid commercialization,discount christian louboutin, and create a

in 2010,Christian Louboutin Flats, Zhejiang (summer) forum,Christian louboutin outlets, the first of Kai-fu Lee said that despite the stock market,Cheap Christian louboutin, real estate has brought great wealth, but not sustainable,CL shoes, the difficulty is also growing. He then showed the point of view: IT industry is the most worthy of attention and investment industry,Christian Louboutin Pumps, but in mind.

Kai-fu Lee introduced innovative workshops in the next 5 years will invest 800 million yuan,Christian louboutin discount, investors, including Foxconn Technology Group,Discount christian louboutin shoes, Legend Holdings,Christian louboutin outlet, New Oriental Education & Technology Group,Christian louboutin wholesale, and YouTube founders Steve Chen and so on; has been voted 9 projects,Louboutin outlet, of which seven are mobile Internet industry,Christian louboutin on sale, the next vote will be more than 10 projects.

9 items of the argument,Buy christian, and Kai-fu Lee said the end of May this year,Christian Louboutin, the number of the same.

Kai-fu Lee is a clear need for more investors,discount louboutin, return. He also tried to clarify the business of manufacturing innovative workshop in Zhejiang misunderstanding: after their visit was very disappointed,Louboutin outlet, This will be behind closed doors, only 30 or so Zhejiang businessmen were allowed to participate. It was revealed that Kai-fu Lee asked investors

Forum issued a Ali Baba Alibaba CEO Jack Ma Chairman of the Board, net Sheng Bao business and other entrepreneurs, he was elected president of Sun Deliang 10

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