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China news agency, Beijing,Louboutin wholesale, April 26 - title: Cross-strait signed three agreements, issued a consensus to serve Buque leak,Christian Louboutin sandals, complete secondary,Christian louboutin wholesale, fully realized.

New Year's Day since the 1979 Continental initiated the 00 August at the end of the Great Leap Forward occurred. Subsequently irresistible force, from the

observers here believe that the two sides a comprehensive,Christian Louboutin boots, direct,Red sole shoes on sale, two-way common interests and create win-win cross-strait will lay a solid foundation for a solid. By comparison,discount louboutin, the Inspiration at least three:

- the general trend,Louboutin sale, not Funi.

1949 after three decades,Louboutin shoes, the two sides have shown a trend of isolation,Cheap Louboutin, then blood, Thirty years ago, mainland degree of cross examination times,Christian Louboutin Flats, adapt to the times,Christian Louboutin Platforms, full of national feeling of the .

twenty-two years ago,Buy christian, announced the opening of Taiwan to visit relatives in mainland China, of course,Louboutin outlet, strive to veterans, including the Taiwan compatriots and other cries of kinetic energy,louboutin sale, also sometimes leaders of any nation in mind,Christian Louboutin Sandals, the flow of whom work ,Discount christian louboutin shoes, work in the Subsequently,wholesale, the cross-strait Last year, the cross-strait relations,Christian Louboutin Wedges,


embodies the principle of one China, Cross-strait When recognized, and when adhered to,

since May last year,Louboutin for sale, precisely because both sides agree and adhere to the and the publication of a consensus,Christian louboutin discount, with the If this is the lesson from this,for sale, as an example to persevere and break through,hot sale, the two sides will further deepen economic cooperation in the global financial crisis were Royal and fruitful achievements in the stirring of the global economic and energetic stage show.

- seek common ground and create a better future.

thirty years ago,cheap Christian Louboutin, to basically achieve the full realization of the evolution of clear: peace, stability and development of the mainstream of public opinion,Louboutin outlets, inseparable family across the Taiwan Straits has always been to promote As long as the leaders of both sides are able to well-being of compatriots on both sides important to the nation's interests and will of the people, and response to the trend of establishing mutual trust, shelve disputes, seek common ground and create a win-win spirit, show a high degree of political wisdom and foresight, the first economic, then political, the easier issues first, step by step, continue to expand the common interests of both sides, for the benefit of both sides to benefit the general public, you will be able to jointly create a peaceful development, win-win cross-strait relations and stability achieved as the to achieve such significant results of mutual benefit both sides.

is well known that cross-strait relations has its complexity and sensitivity. But three years of the

Book said: The next three decades it? The great rejuvenation of Chinese nation, will be overseas Chinese on both sides and the common expectations.

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