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Recently, iPhone 4's hot as China Unicom to bring a lot of new users,Christian Louboutin Simple Pump Nude, the face of China Unicom similar to Other communications carriers and do not want to stand idly by. Yesterday reporters found that China Mobile has taken action, has quietly launched for iPhone 4 of the Micro SIM card, central business district city hall to apply for replacement of permit services. This caused widespread concern among the launch of a moment.

Unicom Edition iPhone 4 hot lead operator on sale According to China Unicom area statistics, as at 0:00 on September 25, iPhone 4 contractual appointment scheme users has exceeded 20 million, and already the first day on sale for the more than 40,000 user network access procedures for the contract.

Unicom version iPhone4 hot sales of the reason, analyze the reasons are as follows: 1. China Unicom launched the iPhone 4 contract price plan has obvious advantages. To iPhone4 16GB, for example, if the user selects and over 286 yuan per month contract plan packages, stored for 2 years of the bill, you can buy a cell phone 0 yuan; 2. Unicom Edition iPhone4 has advantages in addition to other cost-effective, Unicom's 3G network and is the perfect combination of iPhone4 application version iPhone4 Unicom's a big advantage, as the star of the terminal iPhone4, massive game software,Christian Louboutin Boots-Christian Louboutin-redlouboutinsales, e-books, covering entertainment, all aspects of life. After all, the main function of mobile communication and Internet communication is the only network services to provide more convenient, more comfortable exchange of experience in order to keep the user in the real sense.

According to industry analysts, China Unicom WCDMA networks used by the world's longest commercial, technology is mature, can be the best 3G evolution of the standard; in network coverage, China Unicom WCDMA network has been basically cover the counties and cities across the country, and with 87 countries and regions worldwide with 169 operators in international roaming service launched.

With these advantages, Unicom Edition iPhone4 roll up sales boom is not surprising, but in the face sales of the fiery Unicom version iPhone4 scene, of course, other operators do not want to be a piece of exclusive. China Mobile has quietly launched recently for the Micro SIM card iPhone4. Shanghai moves starting from September 28 to declare for free replacement of the user's iPhone 4 Micro SIM card, after which the city of Shenzhen has introduced mobile banking hall free of charge for users to cut SIM cards, so that mobile phone use in iPhone 4. The SIM card is cut so that it can apply to iPhone4 practice, it is clear that China Unicom would like to keep a group of reluctant to change number of mobile users,Christian Louboutin Rolando Hidden-Platform Pump, and may be stolen from the hands of many of China Unicom iPhone 4 and iPad users. From the market point of view, ordinary SIM card, cut business cards have become popular, cut card services are emerging, this series of initiatives is bound to impact on China Unicom.

China Mobile SIM card, push the iPhone 4 special, 3G terminal when the 2G to use?

we all know, iPhone 4 using a micro-SIM card. From the present point of view, the first in the iPhone4 Unicom gains somewhat, but doing very well. It is reported that China Telecom will also be introduced early next year CDMA version of the iPhone4, and as in the TD version of Apple's iPhone is not keen on the research and development, therefore, never optimistic point of view, when China Mobile is likely to become The only carrier not to introduce iPhone. In that case, the mobile market in the iPhone4 the lack of their share on, it will move the company does not want to see. Therefore, the introduction of mobile users for the iPhone4 cut card services free of charge,Christian Louboutin Decolette Patent Pump, in fact, hoping to compete for iPhone 4 from China Unicom users, make it a place on the market iPhone4. From the market to see, iPhone4 cut cards by consumers, ordinary mobile phone SIM card by cutting not only apply after the iPhone4, so that users spend iPhone4 mobile number, and if you want to restore a small card, just put it in card sets, you can back into normal ordinary mobile phone use, and cut card is free.

Although there are indications that this movement does have a certain impact on China Unicom, but inevitably there an embarrassing situation, iPhone4 are the advantages of 3G mobile phone services is known, once available, immediately attracted the parties concerned, people's enthusiasm for iPhone 4 is more focused on the superiority of its 3G capabilities, not its most basic call functions and simple WAP Internet access. The launch of Mobile SIM card for iPhone4 tailored approach, ostensibly to back their own users,Christian Louboutin Declic 120 leather pumps, mobile users want to exchange numbers in case of non-use of iPhone4, but the reality is when the 2G to 3G terminals used, iPhone4 features and did not reflect most vividly. As mentioned earlier, the TD version of Apple's iPhone is not keen on the research and development,Christian Louboutin Denis 85 cutout leather sandals (sold out), so up to now, mobile 3G iPhone4 want to achieve a breakthrough,Christian Louboutin Lady Glitter Slingback Nude Evening, there is still no prospect of a solution. Thus, the surface is mobile companies to win over customers by cutting SIM card, but it also looked bigger and bigger business, but if the iPhone version of Apple's R & D in TD there is no innovation, over time, consumers will gradually decrease. Because consumers are using iPhone 4, using a mobile number, but did not enjoy the 3G iPhone 4 excellent service, when market share is likely to decline sharply, after all, the 3G terminal is used by consumers when 2G unacceptable.

cultivating consumer demand is the operator priority

consumer demand with the social development, technological advances are expanding, not only that, their ability to innovate consumer demand is also growing growth, so that people who have been satisfied with the 2G service, turn need 3G experience.

because of the needs of consumers, China Unicom China Unicom has launched the first version of iPhone4, but also from the earlier analysis, reflects the generally good consumer, China Telecom will also be introduced early next year CDMA version of the iPhone4, the operators are prepared to meet consumer demand, and people generally have great enthusiasm for 3G,Christian Louboutin New Simple Pump 90, when on 2G with 3G terminals is certainly not acceptable. Now operators still do not have a strong corresponding measures to solve the technical problems, the balance must be tilted toward the other direction.

So, ultimately, led to today's operators to customize the face of rapid market chain and consumer demand response capacity of innovation, operators should concentrate on making a good phone, use technology to draw customers It is far better than selling cut card reader, card services free of charge so that the passive shear behavior. Only by allowing consumers to truly enjoy the iPhone4 of 3G technology brings the convenience, can really attract an endless stream of customers.

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