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While checking,mbt footwear, Michael Curran learned Francis Curran's son, Francis "Rusty" Curran, 85, had died in Hartford, Conn.,supra shoes sale uk, in 2010. Rusty's only surviving sibling was Helen Giberson of Auburndale, Fla.

Curran said Giberson was thrilled to find out she had 12 younger brothers and sisters. One of those siblings, retired Quincy police Sgt. Richard Curran, died in January. "When she (Brady) saw Helen, she saw a strong resemblance to her father," Curran said.

He was never reunited with them, although he helped pay for their care.

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Giberson was the guest of honor at a family reunion with more than 100 new-found relatives in Quincy last month.

Michael found Giberson's address in the white pages and wrote her a letter. Giberson's granddaughter and daughter later called him to check out the story.

The elder Curran became a widower with six children under the age of 7 in 1920 when his pregnant wife fell down stairs at the family's home in Lewiston, Maine, and died days later. To top off the celebration, Giberson was given a proclamation from Mayor Thomas Koch, who made her an honorary Quincy resident. Copyright 2011 by The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.QUINCY, Mass. -- Dad's first set of children didn't know about his second family.

Francis Curran's son, retired Quincy police Lt. William Curran, remembered those trips to Lewiston. That all changed with a letter Michael Curran mailed to the 94-year-old woman's Florida home earlier this year. It was 1936 when Curran, then living in Quincy, married Delia Gutro, a relative of current City Councilor Douglas Gutro. The couple had 12 children, including Michael Curran's father, Paul Curran, now 71, of Weymouth. "You can't imagine anything like this happening," Giberson said. "It's overwhelming and hard to believe. It's more than exciting."

"Occasionally he would take the kids on a car trip to Lewiston in the 1950s," Michael Curran said about his grandfather. "They would go to a cemetery and he would say they were going to visit family members. He never said who it was." The hardship of caring for five sons and a daughter led Curran ? a shoemaker whose own parents died of pneumonia within a week of each other just shy of his 7th birthday ? to turn over his children to others, including a Catholic orphanage.

William Curran said his father, who died in 1967 at the age of 75, never mentioned having another family prior to settling in Quincy. And none of the Currans know why he kept it a secret. If second wife Delia knew about her husband's first marriage,womens supra, she never told her children. She died in 1977. Michael did a genealogy search and found himself contacting the city clerk in Lewiston. A World War I registration form led him to what he thought could be the marriage of his grandfather to Mary Lannigan in 1912. Among the couple's six children was a daughter they named Helen.

Records show Francis Curran worked at the shipyard in Quincy before becoming director of a residence for indigent families known as "The Home," on what is now the site of Father Bill's homeless shelter. "No one ever wanted to talk about it," Michael Curran said. "That's how they were raised. About three years ago, I started digging. I was curious." Michael Curran said an aunt, Donna O'Sullivan, 59, of Abington, was suspicious about her father's younger days in Lewiston. Helen Giberson, 94, reunited with South Shore relatives she never knew she had at Pageant Field in Quincy on Sunday, July 31, 2011. Michael Curran, left, spent three years putting together the meeting. He looks at family photos with Helen. More

When the last of her five brothers died, Helen Giberson had no idea she also had 12 half-siblings. They also didn't know about her. This past spring,jordan shop, Michael's aunt,wholesale mbt, Christine Brady of Weymouth, and Giberson met and took a DNA test that showed they were sisters.

Curran used the website and a little sleuthing to discover that his late grandfather, Francis Curran of Quincy,Air Force One, had a first wife.







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