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This revelation immediately made Feldman a major Twitter celebrity, as just about every non-ESPN sports journalist took to TweetDeck in a show of support. The narrative became one of corporate incompetence – how could the network suspend a good guy for something they had already approved? Obviously, the higher-ups in Bristol aren’t talking to each other. Days later,puma women trainers, no one seems particularly clear on what really happened. Several voices from Bristol have assured us that Feldman has not actually been suspended, and that he’s free to resume work. But there’s been no column and no appearance on Twitter from the man himself.

Not saying ESPN is blameless here; the network made a wide range of mistakes in this situation.


This weekend, on Twitter,puma ladies shoes, was one of those times.

Doesn’t it make sense to go back to the boss and say, “Uh, guys? This guy that’s suing you? You know that I’m still working on his book, right? We cool?”

It doesn’t seem that outrageous to suggest that Feldman’s arrangement with Leach slipped through the corporate cracks until the book hit stores. And it’s not hard to imagine any employed being embarrassed in that situation.

Let’s assume that’s true. Put yourself in Feldman’s shoes. You’re working on a project with someone, with your employer’s approval. Your partner on the project gets involved in a major controversy and dispute with that employer, leading to a lawsuit.

I’m not a college football fan – I defer all college football questions to my colleague Tim Hyland – but sometimes the sport is inescapable.

by Charlie on July 19, 2011

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Isn’t #FreeBruce at Least Partially at Fault?

But isn’t Feldman at least partly at fault?

To make a long story short, Sports by Brooks reported that ESPN had suspended Bruce Feldman – one of the world wide leader’s respected college football writers – for being involved in a book written by ex-Texas Tech coach Rick Leach. ESPN, of course,cheap supra society, was heavily involved in Leach’s transition from coach to ex-coach after he allegedly mistreated a player that happened to be the son of an ESPN analyst.

The ESPN Ombudsman’s take on the controversy has been cast in a fairly unflattering light by the blogosphere too, but there was one detail that caught my eye. According to Kelly McBride,trainers on sale, Feldman’s work on the project was approved while Leach was still regarded as one of the brightest offensive minds in the game, and long before the Adam James affair that is still playing out in the form of a nasty legal battle.

The kicker: ESPN gave Feldman approval to work on the book.







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